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# Subject Name Course Name No. of Days Date
Physics Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 9 from: 17-Jun-2017
to: 28-Jun-2017
Physics Introduction to Special Theory of Relativity 6 from: 05-Jun-2017
to: 10-Jun-2017
Physics Introduction to Mechanics 9 from: 06-Jul-2017
to: 15-Jul-2017
Maths Real Analysis I 6 from: 29-Jun-2017
to: 05-Jul-2017
Maths Real Analysis II 5 from: 10-Jul-2017
to: 14-Jul-2017
Maths Vector Analysis 5 from: 12-Jun-2017
to: 16-Jun-2017
Maths A Short Course in Number Theory 6 from: 24-Jun-2017
to: 01-Jul-2017
Programming Machine Learning 9 from: 05-Jun-2017
to: 14-Jun-2017
Programming Python 5 from: 03-Jul-2017
to: 07-Jul-2017
Programming Android 5 from: 27-Jun-2017
to: 01-Jul-2017
Programming MATLAB Programming 9 from: 15-Jun-2017
to: 24-Jun-2017
Language Studies Functional English 5 from: 05-Jun-2017
to: 09-Jun-2017
Language Studies Korean Language: Beginner's Level 1 10 from: 10-Jun-2017
to: 21-Jun-2017
Language Studies Korean Language: Beginner's Level 2 10 from: 22-Jun-2017
to: 04-Jul-2017
Chemistry Electrochemical Energy Systems 6 from: 10-Jun-2017
to: 16-Jun-2017
Chemistry Organic Name Reaction 6 from: 17-Jun-2017
to: 23-Jun-2017
Basic Computer Fundamentals Office Automation 6 from: 29-Jun-2017
to: 05-Jul-2017
Photography and Photoshop Photography and Photoshop 6 from: 06-Jul-2017
to: 12-Jul-2017
Management Project Management 6 from: 07-Jul-2017
to: 13-Jul-2017